Marketing Strategy of HARIBO in Japan

The insightful special lecture on “Marketing Strategy of HARIBO in Japan”, presented by  Mr. Paul Kraft, Japan Country Manager, HARIBO Asia Pacific, on February 3rd at IUJ was such an insightful session. It gives a good overview of how Haribo after 100 years’ experience grew and expanded globally over the decades. The experience of the product been an “import confectionary” in Japan store and decision to expand to Japan 7 years ago, how they enter and localize the brand and still maintain their international brand was such an eye opener for me. It covers global business expansion and positioning from a practical point of view and what how to do it. This goes as deep as the advertisement contents and actors.

International Business need to understand the market, who and how customers make purchase decision, customize the product to meet local market taste and preference and package to give customers value for their money without compromising quality. As Mr Paul Kraft said, it’s important to be clear on the “Bulls Eye”, by been clear on who your target market segment is and how to do it and select complimentary advertising channels to reach them.

Credit Alessandro Comai

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