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Abdulazeez Idiaro is a thorough-bred Business, Advertising and ICT Professional with Glocal Management mindset. He also possess Trading, Management, Banking and Transportation experience across diverse fields. Been an expediter, his roles includes to handle/support in day-to-day operations management that includes Operations, Human Resource, Fleet Management, Workshop, Planning, Digitalization, Monitoring, Marketing, Administration, Procurement, Finance & Account, Global Business and Multilateral Government liaison. A Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Scholar, Licensed Advertising Professional, Digital Strategist and Management Expert.

Tap into Abundant Wealth in NIgeria

Explore Nigeria

Let’s Go to Nigeria – It’s good there! Nigeria has over 200 Million population and the biggest market in Africa. Once you  breakthrough there, navigating other African countries is easier.

If you are considering investment, trading or partnership in Nigeria, I can help you with that, haven lived, worked & Studied there for almost 40 Years. I have the network, experience and good understanding of the Nigeria culture, market and environment.

Abundant and Inviting Opportunities

Focus on Japan

Learn from my Japan experience from a Non-Japanese Perspective.

Japan Economy is opening up to the world and this is the best time to consider investing in Japan. My current experience in Japan shows diverse opportunity for Private and Public Sectors looking at expanding their business, looking for business partners or forming strategic partnership with the world is worth considering.

Go Global with e-Commerce, eBusiness & ePayment

The world in your hands

Digitalization has made the world a global marketplace; offering instant access to present products and services to potential customers everywhere they are.

Successful small and large multinationals need to consciously design a digital nervous system that will showcase their products, advertise their brand and communicate the information that will help achieve their corporate objective. There is need to design a strategy that will fit with the structure in collaboration with their team. Sometimes, there is need to engage a professional consultant to make this happen, initially might be expensive but overtime priceless.

Core Competencies

Over the past decades, my experience and training span across multiple sectors in Nigeria and Internationally. Find out More Below.
Entrepreneurs and Business

63 Countries Network

Founder/Coordinator of International Entrepreneurs Club at the International University of Japan. Our members comprise of Students with interest in Business and Entrepreneurship, comprising of Students from 63 countries worldwide. Some like to setup personal business, form partnership or facilitate international expansion with Japanese Companies in their countries (Franchise, Distributorship, Wholesale etc), be your local representative abroad, Network to relevant stakeholders, conduct market research, share consumer taste and preference, troubleshoot your business among others. This has huge potential to help you expand globally to where we have membership. Learn about our Club here

Management 99%
Marketing 99%
ICT/Ecommerce 98%
Customer Service 99%

Global Experience

Worked on diverse projects with members from 63 countries

Comments and Testimonials

He is a social guy, with a positive outlook. He has experience in finding solutions to problems and tailoring them to suit the prevailing environment and circumstances. Recommend him to management, strategy and policy formulation or corporate communications office in government or companies.

Pamela – Kenya

Kenya Power

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