UMEX experience of Abdulazeez Idiaro

With Uonuma International Exchange Association (UMEX) in my dormitory at the International University of Japan (IUJ), I am able to gain a deeper understanding of Niiigata and Japanese culture and lifestyle. Through my interaction with various Japanese, I am able to learn about Japan, its way-of-life, growing up before and after World War II, and marriages pre- and post-war, among others.

Also, I have the opportunity to talk about Nigerian cultural practices and how the older generation is treated in Nigeria, community lifestyle, taking care of the aged, among others. This is a great opportunity for us to learn about one another and various Lifestyle and Government policies that need to be modified and will help us improve each others quality of life.

I learned Japanese calligraphy for the first time at UMEX, cooked Takoyaki and had free privileges to learn Japanese language with a self-tutor free of charge at my own pace. I am truly immersed in Japanese culture as I wear various Kimono and demonstrate some of the customs of the country.

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