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Bhanu, Nepal

Idiaro, is a talented, smart, active and innovative personality with good communication skills and leadership approach. He is friendly and helpful. You wont regret appointing him as your employee. He will work hard to achieve the company’s goals.

Bhoj, Nepal

Abdulazeez Idiaro is a very competitive, young, and handsome guy. He is very interested and knowledgeable in the field of marketing and international business. He has good communication command and IT skills. He is able to handle any case, problem,…

Munara, Kyrgyzstan

First of all, working with Abdulazeez is a pleasure, very friendly, helpful, honest, and responsible, and he has much knowledge in different areas. Working in a group with Abdulazeez I can say he works always without aggression, actively submits his…

Pamela – Kenya

He is a social guy, with a positive outlook. He has experience in finding solutions to problems and tailoring them to suit the prevailing environment and circumstances. Recommend him to management, strategy and policy formulation or corporate communications office in…

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