Employing ICT to Change the World

Successfully deployed ICT and Ecommerce platforms for over 100 companies in Nigeria and globally to improve profitability, share information, cut revenue leakages among others.

Abdulazeez primary focus is to help clients understand how to adopt IT to improve business operations. He has worked in wide range of private and public sectors; and assisted to digitalize organization, reduce costs, improve their return on investment on IT investment, increase sales and gain an overall competitive advantage.

He is focused on adopting digital technologies to improve speed and efficiency and has facilitated implementation of technologies that led to a range of projects in the public and private sector.

Abdulazeez has become a sought-after speaker on topics such as Digitalization, Fintech, Automation, e-Commerce, Online Advertising and Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, International Expansion among others in Nigeria, Japan among others.


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