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Navigating the Path to Founder-Market Fit: Essential Strategies for New Entrepreneurs
Designing the Smart Cities of Tomorrow: Lessons from Japan’s Digital Transformation
Exploring the Frontier: AI’s Role in Revolutionizing International Business
Expanding your Products Internationally
Historical Havens: The Timeless Allure of Nagasaki and Kagoshima
Where the World Gathers Surprise Birthday 27/11/2023
Leadership Insights: A Reflection on Dr. Lekh Raj Juneja’s Inspirational IUJ Presentation
Beyond Borders: A Successful YKK Business Expedition from Atlanta to Japan
Koshihikari Rice Harvesting Experience
[International University Symposium] Change the world from Minami Uonuma Global business emergence through ideas, wisdom and connections (Super Global University Creation Support Project)
国際大学シンポジウム「南魚沼から世界を変える-想い・知恵・繋がりによるグローバル事業創発-」8/26(土)開催のご案内IUJ Symposium “Changing the world from Minamiuonuma -Emergence of global business through ideas, wisdom and connections-” will be held on August 26th (Sat)
Yokohama Trip 6 June, 2023
International University of Japan Experience
Marketing Strategy of HARIBO in Japan
UMEX Japanese Cultural Experience event (Calligraphy & Tea ceremony) at CNP
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