Metal Processing Manufacturing Factory Tour in Tsubame, Niigata Perfecture, Japan

Travelled on a trip with Prof. Funabashi to Tsubame in Niigata Perfecture, Japan. The trip was on 8th October, 2022 from 8:40 Japan Time, we departed International University of Japan (IUJ) at 8:40am and went to: Yamazaki Tableware, Takeda Precision Dies, Mgnetcoltd, Lunch at AEON, SUS and arrived IUJ at 4:00pm. Find below brief extract about each company picuture and videos.

Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo Co. Limited (

Yamazaki Factory is 194 years old, the company is into metail processing to produce cutleries (Spoon, Fork, Knife etc). They produce, cut, trim and polish in their factory and the products can be orderd within. The products are carefully crafted and human reviewed to give the personal touch.

Accrding to Mr Shiji Yamazaki, there are various companies in various countries with similar or better machineries, but non with better quality product output. The staff are expereinced specialist that ensure maximum quality output. Beign a family business, they are trained from childhood on how to run and sustain the family business legacy.

When a staff makes a mistake in production, it’s shown to eveyrone with explanation of the reason for the mistake, this is to enhance teamwork and not to blame him/her. The production process are longer to ensure quality assurance checks. The company orignated from Europe, so general quality is very high, even though there are no global industry standard. The company set higher standard to carve a niche in the market, they also offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services to meet verious customers needs in Europe specific requiremnts.

We had the privileged to also meet the President Mr Etsuji Yamazaki,

Takeda Kanagata Seisakusho Co. Limited (
We also visit Takeda Kanagata Seisakusho Co. Limited, the CEO Mr Shuichi Takeda

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