International University of Japan Experience

Photo Credit: IUJ

The International University of Japan (IUJ) has one of the most diverse campuses in the world, with over 63 nationalities of students learning, networking, and working together; an experience that has broadened my horizon. As a student at IUJ, I gained a wide range of global business skills, became more quantitatively savvy and developed my leadership capabilities so I could inspire those under me and cooperate better with my colleagues and supervisors. The Sampo Yoshi framework for win-win-win is important Рeveryone should benefit in the end Рthe company, its customers, and society, so Corporate Social Responsibility should be balanced.

Data Analytics – which improved my quantitative skills – and Venture Launch – which taught me how to launch and scale successful businesses, Strategic Management of Corporations, Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Businesses, Operations Management in Product and Service Industries, SME Development, Marketing Management – launching and scaling a company, International Management – facilitating the expansion of the Eco industry etc are knowledge gained.

Founder/Coordinator of International Entrepreneurs Club, a student body that connects students and global business community members who are passionate about entrepreneurship with creative thinkers, trailblazers, game changers, and change makers to 63 countries. As a member of the Club, you will develop a deep understanding of how startups work and develop an interest in launching a business of your own. The entrepreneurial spirit is stimulated by meeting with students, faculty members, alumni, and other stakeholders to share resources and exchange ideas. Entrepreneurially oriented extracurricular activities provide it with a great deal of value. Learn more at

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