Historical Havens: The Timeless Allure of Nagasaki and Kagoshima

Our field trip to Nagasaki and Kagoshima was a captivating expedition through historical landmarks and natural wonders. Starting from the IUJ Main Entrance, we journeyed towards Nagasaki, a city that tells a story of perseverance and peace.

Nagasaki: A City of Resilience and Remembrance
In Nagasaki, the Atomic Bomb Museum offered a poignant reminder of the past, with its somber exhibits and powerful stories. The personal eyewithness insight given by Mr Seiichiro Mise who was born 1935 – which he experienced the atomic bomb his home in Yenochira Machi which was 3.6 kilometers from Hypocenter. He narrated his personal encounter based on proximity to the bomb site, his visit to the Hypocenter Park after the bomb, the gory scene at his school which turned hospital/grave yard among others. He saw people groaning and asking for water; at the point of death, but couldn’t help. Many people has some health challenges; such as Cancer etc. The adjacent Hypocenter Park, marked by the bomb’s epicenter, served as a solemn testament to peace.

Gunkan-jima (Warship Island)
I was privileded to meet The day concluded with a mesmerizing cruise to Gunkan-jima (Warship Island), an abandoned relic of industrial triumphs and tragedies. The Gunkan-jima (Warship Island) cruise offered a stark contrast to the urban landscape of Nagasaki. Once a bustling coal mining island, Gunkan-jima now stands abandoned, its dilapidated buildings offering a haunting glimpse into Japan’s rapid industrialization.

Huis Ten Bosch: A Dutch Wonderland in Japan
The following day, we ventured to Huis Ten Bosch, it was like stepping into a different world. This theme park that magically blends Dutch architectural elegance with Japanese charm. It recreates a Dutch town, complete with canals, windmills, and European-style buildings. It’s a unique fusion of Dutch and Japanese cultures, offering a range of attractions and fusion experiences.

Kagoshima: A Blend of Culture and Natural Beauty
In Kagoshima, we were greeted by the serene Chiran Samurai Residence Garden, a beautifully preserved part of Japan’s feudal history. The garden’s meticulously maintained landscape and traditional samurai houses provided a peaceful retreat.

The Chiran Peace Museum presented a different aspect of Kagoshima’s history, focusing on the lives of kamikaze pilots during World War II. This museum serves as a poignant reminder of the war’s impact on individual lives and communities.

Sakurajima: Kagoshima’s Iconic Volcano
Our visit to Sakurajima, one of Japan’s most active volcanoes, was the highlight of our Kagoshima experience. The Sakurajima Visitor Center provided insightful information about the volcano’s history and geology. Standing in the shadow of this towering natural wonder, we were in awe of its power and beauty.

Each location we visited on our field trip to Nagasaki and Kagoshima offered unique insights into Japan’s rich history and natural heritage. These destinations left us with profound memories and a deeper appreciation for Japan’s diverse cultural landscape.

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