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A Review of the Influence of Electronic Banking Services on Customer Service Delivery: Successes and Challenges


1 Tasmin. R., 1
Alhaji Abubakar Aliyu and 2
Josu Takala

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to review a major section of the literature on Electronic Banking Services (EBS) with a particular emphasis on the challenges of customer service delivery in the banking industry. This paper examines the studies some published journals and other related papers
on electronic banking services and presents a framework that suggests evolving patterns of banks practices. Customer Service delivery remains an important strategic tool of banks in turbulent times.
Three key behavioural factors are identified that contribute to effective customer service delivery in the banking industry, such as security, convenient and cost/charges. For sustainable competitive advantage, electronic banking goes beyond the operational level on online banking, mobile banking and ATM; while it moves into a wide range of behavioural factors. The study contributes to electronic banking literature by identifying key areas of customer service delivery. It reflects a qualitative orientation, but future research may achieve a more systematic and quantitative analysis of the electronic banking literature. An understanding of the factors identified in this study allows bank managers and policy makers to direct efforts and resources in the most effective and efficient way to increase bank business in the long run and encourage customers to adopt electronic banking. This review paper is unique in that it examines the electronic banking services literature and summarizes the results in order to gain a proper understanding of customer services delivery and provide perspectives for future research.


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